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The HEART of it…

A lot of things have been on pause, but love won’t wait. We know weddings and wedding planning can be stressful. Add COVID to the mix and it can seem overwhelming.

That’s why we’re taking the Northwest Wedding Resource Guide Virtual! We’re kicking off with a day-long online event, with access to hundreds of vendors, planners and resources for a month. From there we are launching a new, expanded rich media Wedding Resource Guide filled with information, insights, demos, video, presentations, blogs, and more.

We want couples to be able to enjoy the journey, be part of a community, get inspired, connect, explore, imagine what’s possible and make it happen.

Our goal is to make the planning and the big day easy, stress free and fun, letting couples focus on what’s important, then gather with friends and family to share and celebrate; creating memories to last a lifetime.

This year’s theme; BE BOLD, is an invitation to vendors and couples to stretch beyond the status quo –get creative, explore options and imagine an experience that is uniquely theirs.Let the journey begin…

See you on May 15th!

FAQ for Wedding Couples

Attendees will have access to the show platform from 10 AM until 4 PM

An email will be sent to your preferred email address, where you will be prompted to set up a show attendee profile

You will be able to access the show from your phone, although some functions may be limited

Absolutely, you can share your screen with whomever you would like

Yes, the exhibitor has the ability to invite you to a one-on-one zoom room

You will have access to the show portal seven days before and after the show's day, an additional 30 days to communicate with vendors. However, there are no refunds for missing the show

An additional ticket would be required; direct messaging is available inside the platform to communicate and has the ability to join the same vendor zoom link

Over a hundred event professionals will be on hand to answer questions and help plan your special day

You will be able to access the platform and leave messages for vendors for an additional 30 days

Absolutely, this is the perfect way to maximize your experience. The platform is designed to share your contact information with the vendors you wish easily

FAQ for Event Vendors

The market place will be open to attendees from 10AM until 4PM the day of the show. Attendees will have access to your content on the platform for an additional 30 days.

A vendor support member is available to assist along with the Pathable platform tutorial videos.

The show platform can accommodate Power Point Templates as well as video and multiple image files.

An invitation link will be sent once the required documents are completed.

Over 100 vendors are slated to exhibit at the show.

Marketing channels include but are not limited to PPC, Magazine, News Outlets, direct email. Updated attendee counts will be shared closer to the date of the show.

The vendor marketing toolkit includes preferred hashtags, vendor badge for website, social media handles and marketing copy to share, platform tutorial.

The booth content may be updated at any time, this feature is controlled by the exhibitor.

Up to 5 team members may be added to your account and participate in the exhibitors virtual booth.

Booth analytics will be provided, a digital footprint of the attendee will also be captured.

A visitors record will be provided of all attendees that visit your booth. The portal to the booth will be open for attendees to return for an additional 30 days.

Marketing channels include but are not limited to PPC, Magazine, News Outlets, direct email, partner dedicated emails and major wedding sites.

All attendees will be invited to revisit the platform and explore vendors in the NW Wedding Resource Guide, this Wedding Guide is promoted at additional wedding shows and open houses.

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